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Monday, August 30, 2010


The limited number of viruses that target Mac OS X often leads Mac users into a false sense of security. Although there are few Mac viruses out there now, that doesn't mean there will never be a virulent form of malware that threatens the Mac. And the lackadaisical approach of assuming that Macs can't be infected by a virus increases the chances of widespread infection and damage when (not if) such a virus is developed and released into the wild of the Internet.

Besides, even if it doesn't affect you directly, you might receive and inadvertently pass on a Windows-specific virus. The most common of these are macro viruses found inside Office documents -- some of which have a limited ability to affect machines with a version of Office for Mac that has macro support enabled.

Finally, if you are running Windows -- either in a dual-boot configuration with Apple's Boot Camp or under a virtualization tool such as Parallels Desktop -- your Mac is just as susceptible to viruses as any PC. In fact, if you have a Windows operating system on your Mac, you should really consider virus protection for both Mac OS X and Windows.

When it comes to antivirus programs for the Mac, a good open-source option is the Unix-based ClamAV (which works with Mac OS X but is command-line based) and its Mac graphical user interface port ClamXav.


  1. This is all interesting stuff, considering I am one of those ignorant "macs are invincible" people.

  2. Thanks ill show this to my friend that has a Mac, he keeps hovering it over me that they never can get virus's this will show em.

  3. I have a macbook for late 2006. a black one. and i never had any software issues i only had a hardware issue when i dropped it lol. software wise macs are close to invincible.

  4. I actually already use ClamXav. I've been using it since my Sophos expired and it's been working pretty well.

  5. I totally expected you to say get a PC! Haha! Thanks for the useful information!

  6. i got a mac virus back in 1997. nothing since then.